Battle of the Clinch 5


Multi-AO Game! AO's in Tazewell County, VA


2 FOBs  you can attack

3-4 Locations that can Travel to control, intercept, and do missions!

Nov 8-10 Weekend

Camping at FOBs or off Site allowed

Cap is 250-300

Reg Link will be Up Soon!


Opfor Waiting for you

Southwest Virginia will be Opfor protecting there homes and resources from the on going battle against the government for the desertion of the area to fend for themselves when power and water stopped.  

Past - Locations
TazCo Fairgrounds (AO for 5!)
Lincolnshower Park (AO for 5!)
Bluestone Park
Camp Pocahontas and Bluestone (Camp AO for 5)

New Locations for BotC5!!

Old Car Lot coming and Possibly More!


Create Order for the People

Manage your own resources. Your ammo, health, food, transportation, and time.  Having to worry about the off site FOB missions and protection your TOC from Opfor night and day. With only a small stand down from midnight to 9am

Only 180 spots against an unknown number of Opfor Troops

Battle of the Clinch 3: Bluestone

At Bluestone for BotC3

Battle of the Clinch 4

Video at the Bluestone AO at Clinch4