Outpost 48: NC Front

Camp and Defend your Outpost against unknown number of Opfor that wants the Outpost for themselves

Camp at Outpost 84 for the weekend. Sleep, Eat, Stay Alive, Resupply with your allies as you are attacked all weekend from an unknown number of enemies.

Limited ammo, harsh death, high reward. Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere with all you have is what you brought and the soldier beside you.

Hardcore Outpost Deployment Sim

Outpost 84 is a simulation of holding on Outpost under Siege from an unknown number of Opfor

Up to players on outpost against unknown number of opfor


Base Price includes DogTag, Place to sleep, and Game

North 40 and Theta Events present OUTPOST 84 Survival Milsim Experiance
Yes- its 2 days with only break is at Midnight till morning
Camping Allowed Will play late into the night

Can you hold back the OPfor from over running your supplies and outpost for the weekend.

Game Story:
You are the last units left in the area. Troops that are able to fight draw a line to allow all the other units to leave the area. You are to hold Outpost 84, your supplies, and each other until everyone has evac. Can you hold out, can you hold the line, can you make sure your buddy and you make it home.

Correct Uniform Code
Green based Military Camos
Multicam and MC Tropic allowed
Head gear must Match allowed colors
NO Hunting Camo
NO Desert Digital, DCU, AOR1
NO Black on top or Bottom
NO civi look
Gear Color doesn't matter
DEAD RAG and Light needed

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