It's Mil-sim but it's not

You the Player are helping to run a  Settlement after the world has had a few Set Backs  (Broken Arrow 2, Appy Assault, Ring of Fire, Hat Trick) has lead to this fact ... the world is broken.   Extreme weather has caused low water, food, and fuel.  

The World went to war it didn't destroy itself with bombs just wasted what we had.   Welcome to the 21st Century but the world was better off in the 18th.

Cities can't function and are full of dead bodies and waste.  The one thing the world did have was land so people went out into the world again and formed small settlements to live without over extending themselves to protect there own.  

Can you the Player live in this world, to make sure food and water stays yours while protecting your Settlements and homestead boarders. 

Fighting isn't always the Answer but it helps keep what is yours in your pocket while not falling into Marshall Law of the Military. 

Can Camp on Field, outside of Out of Bounds, or come and go, The Field is your Sandbox for the Weekend

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There are no true teams only the main Settlement at game Start. A Player may come Solo, Paired, fire team, or Squad.   They can chose to play that way or Join a Settlement. Or even Make there own Settlement   

EX-ARMY Teams - 2-8 man teams Uniforms unit's choice (Camo -Top/Bottom must Match)

Gear Color doesnt matter but Headgear does



MC Black


Highly Recommended

Citizen fighters - civilian clothing no Camos. 

Gear color doesn't matter

Arm Bands could be used to divide cells

Create Homesteads on the AOs to Survive, Join on of the Major ones or

create one of your own

No Camo if possible

Game Looting Allowed for in game Water (Jugs and bottles), Food (Chips), and in game ammo  (player ammo and personal Supplies are safe from Loot but can be traded)


Can Wear anything Except ...


Do not have any Red Clothing or Equipment - Must have Red Rag to show Wounded/Death State.   

Costumes welcome 

****Ammo Limits and Joule Limits**** 

Riflemen 600 rounds Semi no MED 1.55 Joules with .32  

DMR 300 rounds  semi 75 foot MED 1.99 Joules with .32  

Sniper 150 rounds  Bolt only 100 foot MED 2.5 joules with .32  

Shotguns 350 rounds  No MED 1.5 Joules with .32  

Support weapons 2500 rounds  fullauto allowed  1.55 joules with .32  50 foot MED Must be real world LMG  

SMG class 1000 rounds  fullauto allowed  1 joule with .32s  20 foot MED Must be real world SMG (small round)  

---->  ROF no more than 25  <------  

Pistols 100 rounds doesn't count against other classes ammo no MED 

List of things you need for Settlement

Basics for Field (Mini)

Eye Pro

Correct Clothing

Way to defend self 

   - Airsoft Gun with correct Mag and BB Amount

   - Extra EMPTY Mag (for on field BB Bonuses)

   - Soft Weapons (training Knives, Nerf hand Weapons, etc)         

Red Dead Rag/Light

Bag or Pouch for put loot and supplies in


Way to tell Time

Way to Hold Personal Water and Food (Gear)

Optional if Camping on Site or in Field

Trash Bag (leave field like we found it)

Sleeping Stuff (sleeping Bag, Pillow)

Shelter (Tent, Traps, Firepit)

Food - MREs, etc

Drink (water/Gatorade) - We are going to try to have Food Vendor on Site

Port-A-John is on Site

Optional Game enhancements

Extra Lights for night




Extra Clothing

Rain Gear

Axe or cutting stuff to make a camp site

Remember you can go to your car and come and go at any time during Event.  Camp Sites or Settlements can only be looted with Game Food, Water, Ammo.   Everything else on field is Personal players Items and not to be messed with by other players.  After 9pm  Settlements and Built up Camp Sites with enough Light are not to be attacked but the rest of the Field is in Play until players go back to Camps or Settlements or Cars.  

Friday if a Player wants to set up a Camp site or Try to Join a Settlement they are welcome too

At Roanoke Airsoft Outdoor Field

4715 Rucker Rd. Moneta, VA


Theta Base Rules (docx)


Settlement Game Guide (docx)