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What is Hat Trick?

Hat Trick is the Story of Marco, an Ex-CIA mole that has built a new world order in South America. 

Thanks to him and his power the World has banded together to send in the Joint Forces to stop Marco and his Opfor

The Story of Hat Trick is over, but the War is not. 

The Story Continues in Theta Cell

At Black Ops Airsoft in  Fayetteville, North Carolina

Milsim Insurgency Style

  Milsim Insurgency Style game with missions to survey, secure, recon, assault, and defend sectors in the Area of Operations assigned by Leadership to stop Marco and his men from completing his mission of growing his power. Leave Marco's Home, your AO in Dust.  Capture or kill Marco if you can.

Marco has burnt the world after the 9th Major Clash as the world calls it.
The World Union stopped Marco's plan to burn everything except his kingdom. It's time to end Marco's World. The World Union is taking the fight to his land. They plan to take out parts of his land one section at a time until Marco has nowhere to to go.

Join us for our Hunt for Marco and his Madmen at Black OPs for the ten year anniversary of Hat Trick.

Can Marco be stopped one final time 


Hat Trick 9  is the 10th year Anniversary of the game

 Hat Trick went out in style in 2019!