Theta Base Rules (docx)




Wounded, Incapacitated, Death - Medic Rules

o A hit anywhere on body or gear is a hit
o Ricochets are not counted, (in doubt, call it)
o Friendly fire counts as a hit (BBs have no friends)
o Grenade casualty radius is 10’ - call it when in doubt - Go back to Spawn
o Knife kills or taken by Surprise- You are dead go back to Spawn
o The first hit or burst that hits you leaves you Wounded or Incapacitated
o Yell “HIT!” and put your HAND OUT 

Option 1 

To go Incapacitated
o Go prone or take a knee (no more standing)  
o Pull your dead-rag or red dead-light and keep it in your hand

Wait for Someone to Heal you with a Bandage

No Talking, Moving, or Shooting until Healed by someone else

Option 2

To go Wounded

o Go prone or take a knee (no more standing)   
o You MAY crawl to cover (crawl… not walk… not run)
o You MAY point and talk
o You CAN NOT shoot or throw grenades
o Pull Band on with out getting hit again
o You can be healed this way ONCE, once you have back to respawn for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on game)

To go Dead
o Have Rag on Head - Standup you are now completely out of play

Dead Men dont talk 

o You can Choose not to be wounded or incapacitated and just dead 

Go back to respawn for 15 minutes if you don't want to try to stay alive 

General Rules

Special Rules

Other Rules